East Trenean Farm, Widegates, Looe, UK

Tele: +447710724508

Email: easttreneanfarm@icloud.com

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        Birds spotted on the farm:                                       Other birds spotted out

                                                                                               and about:


              Chaffinch               Pheasant                                    Greater Black-backed Gull

              Goldfinch               Chiffchaff                                 Gannet

              House Sparrow      Song Thrush                             Cormorant

              Robin                     Blackbird                                  Oyster Catcher

              Wren                      Black-headed Gul                     Mute Swan

              Dunnock                Lesser Blk-bckd Gull                Mallard

              Nuthatch                Herring Gull                             Canada Goose

              Swallow                 Wood Pigeon                            Bar-headed Goose

              House Martin         Collared Dove                           Eider Duck

              Jackdaw                 Gt Spotted Woodpecker           Little Egret

              Rook                      Great Tit                                    Dipper

              Raven                     Blue Tit                                     Rock Pipit

              Carrion Crow         Willow Tit                                 Meadow Pipit

              Jay                         Pied Wagtail                             Stonechat                      

              Buzzard                  Sparrow hawk                           Wheatear


                                                                                               Red-legged Partridge

                                                                                               Grey Wagtail



Rabbit, and Pippestrelle Bat.

Out and about:

Grey Seal.