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Hot Tubs

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At East Trenean Farm each cottage has its own hot tub, so if you like to relax you are in the right place! Our hot tubs all have comfortable seating, premium spa jets, LED lighting and warm water to deliver deep stress relieving massages.


The Hot Tubs

The Corn Barn has a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub in the grounds of the farm with fabulous views covered by a gazebo with LED lighting. It seats up to 8 people, has 2 loungers, 50 jets, a cascading waterfall and colour changing LED lighting in the water.


The Threshing Barn has a Master Spas GL6 hot tub in its enclosed hedged garden with festoon lighting. The hot tub seats up to 6 people, having a lounger, 33 hydrotherapy jets and LED lighting in the water.


The Water Mill has a Master Spas GL4 hot tub situated in its courtyard garden covered by a gazebo with LED lighting. The hot tub seats up to 4 people has 23 hydrotherapy jets. And LED lighting in the water.


The Linhay has a Master Spas GL2 hot tub situated in its garden with fabulous views and covered by a gazebo with LED lighting. The hot tub can seat 3, has a lounger, 17 hydrotherapy jets and LED lighting in the water. 



Your hot tub will be thoroughly cleaned, filled with fresh water and treated before your arrival. We use Bromine to treat the water which is less of an irritant to the skin and your hot tub is fitted with an inline filtration and dosing system. We will be checking your hot tub daily during your stay and testing the water. All our hot tubs are fitted with Ozone generators improving the water quality and reducing the level of chemicals needed in the water.


Your hot tub will be prepared on the day of departure of the previous guests. The water does take time to heat up and can take longer if the weather is particularly cold! Please be advised that if this is your arrival day, your hot tub may not be to the desired temperature until the following day.


Footwear, robes and hair ties

We ask that you bring flip flops or similar so that you don't introduce grass, mud or grit into the hot tub, which can damage the pumps that are very expensive. We provide towelling robes for your comfort when using the hot tubs. We ask that you do not use our white bath towels from the cottages as this causes damage to the towels. You will find hooks by all the hot tubs to hang up your robes. New hair ties are provided for long hair.


No glass to be used in or around the hot tub

You will find acrylic tumblers and wine glasses in your cottage. These are high quality and should be hand washed after use, not thrown away! Broken glass in the water is very difficult to spot, can cause harm and lead to expensive repairs or even the scrapping of the hot tub!

When can you use your hot tub?

Your hot tub is for use of guests staying in your cottage and you are free to choose when to use it. We do ask out of consideration to other guests who are also on holiday and enjoying a well-earned rest, that you don’t use the hot tub after 10.30pm or before 9.30 am. 


THE HOT TUB RULES – to keep you (and the tubs!) safe

For your enjoyment and safety, we would ask you to observe the Hot Tub rules. Please:

No babies or toddlers

DO NOT allow babies or small children in the water or in the sides of the hot tub. They are not good at regulating their body temperature, are at risk of overheating (which in extreme cases can cause death) and dehydration. Hot tubs also contain chemicals which may irritate their tender skin and nappies and hot tubs are a really bad combination! 

Accompany Children

Children from 5yrs to 16yrs may use the hot tub. but should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Shower First

Shower before using the Hot Tub. Makeup, body lotion, oils, creams, perfume, can affect the chemistry of the hot tub water, leading to cloudy water and clog the filters and motor. DO NOT Use oils, soaps or any detergent in the water.

Clean your feet

DO NOT introduce any sand, grit, gravel, grass or mud into the hot tub, it damages the pumps, which are expensive and difficult to replace. Brush off your feet. If you’ve been to the beach, please ensure swimsuits and feet are clean before using the hot tub. 

No Diving!

The water is not deep enough for anyone to dive in. Do not immerse your head in the water.

Enter and Exit Safely

Do use the steps provide to get into the hot tub. Sit on the side and swing your legs into the water. Do not stand on the edges or try to jump in! Surfaces can be slippery when wet, take care.

Swimwear Only

Do not wear street clothes as this will introduce bacteria in to the water and upset the chemistry. Please use swimwear.

Hair Up

Secure long hair up in a ponytail. Long hair can be drawn into the spa fittings, holding your head under water and presenting a drowning risk. Spare hair ties can be found on the hooks.

Stay Hydrated

The water in the hot tub maybe set to a comfortable level but you can still sweat! It is recommended that you sip water.

No Glass

Make sure you use plastic cups! You will find acrylic tumblers and wine glasses in your cottage. These are high quality and should be hand washed after use and not thrown away! Broken glass in the water is very difficult to spot, can damage the hot tub and lead to expensive repairs.

No food or smoking

Debris in the water will upset the chemistry of the water and block filters.

Keep it Covered.

Switch off pumps, lights and water fall before closing the lid. Use the cover lifting bar to raise the lid. Remember to close and lock the lid after use. This keeps out debris and allows the water to heat up again. Do not sit, lay or stand on the cover it will break!


NEVER leave children unattended in the vicinity of the hot tub.

No BABIES OR TODDLERS as they are not good at regulating their body temperature and are at risk of overheating and dehydrating. Their tender skin is not able to cope with the chemicals in the water and the chemicals are not able to deal with nappies!

ALWAYS ensure the cover is on and locked when you are not using the hot tub.

DO NOT use the Hot Tub if you are unwell, suffer from heat allergy, are sensitive to chlorine or bromine, or have open wounds.

STAY HYDRATED it is recommended that you sip water. while using the hot tub.

DO NOT sit in the hot tub for long periods. It is recommended that you should not spend longer than 15 minutes at any one time in the Hot Tub.

Hot tub use is not recommended for women during pregnancy.


1. You use the Hot Tub at your own risk.

2. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the Hot Tub.

3. You will be held responsible for any damage (including to pumps and covers due to misuse)

4. In the event of high winds or storms being forecast, we reserve the right to strap down the covers to avoid wind damage. This will mean you are unable to use the hot tub until the wind risk has passed.

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